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(3) Ways to Protect Your Precious Pooch’s Paw Pads

Jacqueline Chesney

Dog paw pads can resist heat in the summer and negate much of the winter cold, but they do take a beating. Our furry friends have unique feet that are equipped for the long winter months. With their furry coats and strong paws, you would think they were fit for any weather condition, but salt, ice and snow can contribute to our companion’s paws becoming dry, cracked, flaky and brittle. This type of paw damage can promote, painful open wounds or bleeding, eventually leading to infection.

In addition to the ice and snow hazard, chemicals of salt and deicing compounds can burn the paw pads. This usually promotes paw licking creating another internal health risk.


There are several different factors that contribute to the protection of your dog’s precious little paws.

  • Paw grooming – Make sure to trim longer hair between the paw pads and around the edges of the paws. Without a proper paw-cut, longer hair will drag through puddles and collect cold water. This begins to freeze, harden, and accumulate between the paw pads, forming ice balls that cause injury and abrasion. The fur on the paws can also collect salt and chemical. You really want to keep these chemicals out of your dog’s mouth and stomach to avoid internal stomach and intestinal issues later.


Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed in the winter is imperative. Long nails will create a space between the paw pads called “a tent” where Ice and chemicals can accumulate. Keeping nails short and manageable is the best way to allow paws to make maximum ground contact during walks.


  • Paw Booties – Paw booties are just like they sound. Small booties that slip over the paw and are worn like a rubber sock. This form of protection prevents any extreme weather conditions from penetrating the paw and provides a non-slip surface so your dog can avoid injury from slipping on patches of ice. One minus of a paw bootie is that dogs may be able to quickly remove and possibly tear the bootie, leaving his/her owner a bit frustrated and your pooch in a little bit of trouble.


  • Paw Protecting Butter/Wax - Pampered Pet Paw Butter – Paw Butter/Wax are a beneficial way to alleviate dry/cracked/rough pet paws and noses. Can be used all year and is a powerhouse of deep treatment moisturizers. Included are nutrient dense Shea butter & coconut oil, rich mineral oil with soothing lavender and vitamin E oils to aid in the treatment of dry, cracked paw pads and noses. Our formula is produced with pure bee’s wax to protect your pets’ paws, year-round from damaged caused by extreme weather and walks on concrete or rough surfaces. Pampered Pet Paw Butter is made with quality ingredients to provide optimal moisture and protection. 

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