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Reiki Healing Session


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Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is transference of healing energy from the Holy Spirit. It is used to assist with healing of physical, mental and emotional trauma. Reiki supports mental clarity, and improves overall spiritual well-being and balance.

The philosophy of Reiki it is based on and recognizes “life force energy." Or the energy that flows through all living things which comes from source or God. Moving this energy from the Holy Spirit, through another human can help with blockages, imbalances, or disruptions in the flow of personal energy. 

This is not a massage, but will aid in your complete relaxation. Treatments are provided fully clothed. I suggest wearing loose fitting, comfortable clothing for sessions.

When conducting a reiki session for you, I am your conduit of energy. I transmit positive life force energy through my brain, into my hands to the affected parts of your energy field. This process aids in restoring balance throughout your body and your energy field.

I one-on-one sessions, I incorporate therapeutic essential oils into my treatments.

Distance Reiki is also available and can be done in the comfort of your own home via Skype. Distance is not relevant in Reiki therapy. Energy can be transferred time and space, so distance is irrelevant.


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